Workshop 1
Kraats Kaas

Ton Bosch, CEO Kraats Kaas Target group: HBO
Language: English 
Education: Commercial Economics, Marketing Management, International Business, Finance & Control, Logistics Management. During the interactive presentation of Kraats Kaas, the development of his company and the internal organization are discussed. In this way, the foundation is outlined on which Kraats distinguishes itself from the competition and gradually expands its exports. Many obstacles, slow successes, and major international competition are aspects that require clarification. Curious as to what you can do for Kraats Kaas as a student during your internship or graduation? Register for this workshop to get to know Kraats Kaas!

Workshop 9
From Zero to One

Derren de Jong, CEO From Zero to One Target group: MBO and HBO 
Language: English
 Education: All programmes

 Derren de Jong is the Owner and Director of ‘Zero to One’, the start-up incubator for Emmen. Having shepherded many tens of new companies through their creation, he will talk about being an entrepreneur in the Northern Netherlands.

Keynote 2
‘Blockchain voor dummies’

Kennispoort Drenthe Target group: MBO and HBO Education: All programmes Language: English Blockchain has been gaining interest for a few years now. On one hand, because it is the technology that drives Bitcoin (and made some people very rich). On the other hand, because it is presented as 'the black-magic-solution to all our problems'. The underlaying principles supporting Blockchain have been around for a few thousands of years and although Blockchain has the potential to radically change many lines of business, it certainly is not a solution for all our problems. During this zero-to-hero-presentation we will explain (in baby steps) how blockchain works by using a lot of examples, leading you to be able to decide for yourself where and how to apply Blockchain technology.

Workshop 8
Northern Dutch economy

Northern Industries – NOM and Vpb 

Target group: MBO and HBO
 Language: English
 Education: All programmes 
Soraya Ludema, Project Manager at the NOM (the Northern Dutch investment authority) will be taking workshop attendees through and around the Northern Dutch economy, its strongest sectors, and its growth potential. Herman Idema will give in depth information on the industries and companies in Emmen and surroundings. He is the Chairman of the local business Association, VPB.

Workshop 10
Create the perfect CV

Recruit a student Target group: MBO and HBO Language: Dutch and english
 Education: All programmes

 Do you want advice about how to build the perfect CV from someone who sees them every day? Get advice from a professional recruitment agency about how to keep your (soon to be) employer reading! Topics such as interview tips, cover letters, CV suggestions, and more will be covered.